The Bio4heating briquette works according to a simple but reliable principle.

A hardened steel punch and die, guarantee a long service life. By the use of a long mold the briquettes are already cooling in the rod to ensure good briquette quality. The discharge pressure and material input are adjustable so that different materials can be briquetted. Standard, the press comes with a curve and a collector with plastic bag, supplied with ca.3 meter powercable and a 5-pin plug.

The Model 50 is supplied with an oil cooler to make the machine as compact as possible. The models 30 and 35 are delivered without oil cooler, but with a larger oil tank in order to prevent overheating of the oil.This means that all three models are compact, suitable for continuous operation and they have the same dimensions.

The bio4heating-press can be supplied as required with a cover, or open with a flange so that the press can be built under a filter.  An 5-bags collecting carousel is available in option.